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Kenshin items for sale!

I decided to let all the people in my LJ communities have first whack at some items I am going to sell prior to putting most of them up on eBay. They are all the original Japanese releases, not American release copies. If you are interested in any of these items please drop me a line at: Please, put the words "Kenshin items" in the title.

The Kenshin Kaden. $25 It has many lovely pictures from the manga; there is a beautiful color section at the beginning.
Kenshin Kaden
Kenshin Kaden color pics

A set of anime art books. $35 for all three.
Two books are from the tv series and one is for the Requiem movie.
Kenshin anime art books
Kenshin anime art books inside

The Samurai X anime art book. $20.00
Samurai X Kenshin art book

Kenshin secret profile book. $20.00
Kenshin Secret profile

Very rare Kenshin ukiyoe prints in their original binder! $125 This item is beautiful art pictures printed on fine paper. It includes images of Sanosuke's doomed master Sagara Souzo as well as Hiko Seijuro, Saito Hajime, Himura Kenshin, Sagara Sanosuke, Kamiya Kaoru, and Shinomori Aoshi. It is not a complete set however, as two prints, those of Myojin Yahiko and Machimaki Misao, are not included.
Kenshin Ukiyoe set 1
Kenshin Ukiyoe set 2
Kenshin Ukiyoe case

Thanks for looking!
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