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do you want rk back on tv?

i have started writing to the cartoon network, anime network in the u.s. extolling the value of broadcasting the 'rurouni kenshin' series. and yes i do own it on dvd but i like the fact that if it shows again there will be more interest in the show and that will generate more discussion, artwork and fan fiction... see, everybody benefits.

i would like to ask if anyone here would consider going to the cartoon network, anime network web sites and hit the 'contact us' link and write your request.

i stated something to the effect that the 'rk' series promoted the lessons of integrity to principals, non violence, bushido, loyalty and friendship. i also said that even though it is a work of fiction it has historical events and characters so it is educational as people who are interested in the series will research the time period it is set in.

so if many people contact the network we may be seeing 'rk' on adult swim shortly and a new generation of 'rk' fans!

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